Posted by: Esther | June 13, 2008

Pregnant and Can’t Get Off the Couch

Well I haven’t blogged the Bible lately probably because I can’t focus for too long. I am about 7 weeks pregnant and very tired. I have no internal motivation whatsoever and feel like I have a constant hangover. I am even dizzy writing this blog. I have decided that I want to blog this journey through my fourth pregnancy, hopefully to encourage someone else and then to have for my own records.

So here I am 7 weeks pregnant, and I can’t get off the couch. I still get up every morning to exercise. I am doing Cathe Fredric’s (sp?) Cardio Blast on Fit TV. She is killing me. On Fridays I do Gilad’s Bodies in Motion and Namaste Yoga. I think as I get further along I will just stick with Gilad and Yoga, but I don’t want to baby myself. My goal is to stay really fit this pregnancy. I was fit with my last two as well, so I really don’t know what I am worried about. This pregnancy I feel more tired than the others, but my husband says I was this tired with Ruthie. He believes it’s a girl. I guess nursing my two year old isn’t helping my energy level much. But I nursed all the way through my last pregnancy as well, so it’s nothing new.

I just ordered Fit Pregnancy magazine. I am excited about receiving my first issue. So my mind set is this: “I am training for a marathon.” The marathon of labor and at the end is the greatest blessing of all.

I have talked a lot about fitness, but I am determined to stay fit spiritually as well. I am studying the books of Ruth and Esther in my Women’s Bible Study and my Elijah and I are studying Revelation.

I pray for perseverance, wisdom and patience. Perseverance to do what I do not want to do. Wisdom to care for my body and patience for the training up of my children when I have no patience to do so. I thank God for the wonderful husband he has given me. He meets my needs and allows me to be on this couch.

Genesis 3:16 To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; Yet your desire will be for your husband, And he will rule over you.”

Isaiah 53:11 As a result of the anguish of His soul, He will see {it and} be satisfied; By His knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, As He will bear their iniquities.

John 16:21 “Whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world.


  1. Thank you for the Word of God, it is life. You have encouraged me to go read the Bible more seriously for that spiritual exercise. I am also 7 weeks 3 days pregnant and super-tired so the spiritual fitness is about the only type of fitness I can think of right now. I also have nausea and so I find eating quite a hassle. This is our second child, the first one is 19 months, both are children of God’s promises, we took time to conceive. My hubby seems almost as tired as me, if that is possible, maybe it’s”sympathetic pregnancy” or just attention-seeking, I don’t know but whatever it is I find it difficult as I keep a full time job, get home and prepare dinner, take care of the little one, bushed as I am… all he seems to want to do is watch tv, I should pray for more understanding on his part and more strength on mine. Anyways, do keep writing…God bless you.

  2. My first trimester of pregnancy was always absolutely exhausting. Completely couch bound. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I napped so much and was always tired. Second trimester came along and WOW–energy!

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