Posted by: Esther | October 28, 2009

An Interpretation of The Sermon on the Mount

I am studying the last chapter of the Sermon on the Mount and I have been seeking wisdom from the Lord as to the continuity of it all. I am big as to how it all fits together. I feel that all the sub titles, headings and chapters in our Bibles sometimes do a disservice to the flow of the Word as it was originally spoken or written. In this case, Matthew writes the entire sermon as Jesus spoke it, yet we study it in three different sections, or chapters. I needed continuity and this is how the Lord gave it to me. It does start with chapter seven, since this is the chapter we are studying, however it circles through the entire sermon and finally ends with Jesus’ final analogy of a house built on a rock. This is a simple overview only to show the continuity of the message. Many details are left out.

Do not judge others or you will be judged. (Mat. 7:1) Do not be like the hypocrites, such as the Pharisees and Sadducees, who judge others and have no mercy for one who stumbles a little (or even a lot) in a certain area. They may look holy as they practice their righteousness before men, yet sin is in their hearts of which they will not confess. These are the dogs (7:6) and the pigs to which we are not give what is holy. Jesus spoke to these hypocrites in parables, but because we ask to be forgiven, seek wisdom, and knock on the door of our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, these parables are clear and like beautiful pearls (7:6) with which the Lord adorns us.

We are to be aware of these false prophets (7:15) who appear to be holy. We will know them because they will produce bad fruit. Even though they prophecy, perform miracles and cast out demons in Jesus’ name, they will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because they sought their rewards from men- to be noticed by men. They stored up their treasures on earth only to rot like bad fruit. They did not confess the sins of their heart which was shown to them in this sermon, by these very words of Jesus. They did not seek God’s forgiveness and walked away from the door that was in front of them. They built their houses in sand and when the rain, floods and winds came it all came crashing down.

But we read this sermon and realize the overwhelming amount of sin that is in our hearts. We ask for forgiveness, seek wisdom, and knock on our Heavenly Father’s door. He gives us the gift of Jesus’ innocent life so that we may enter His kingdom. We show mercy to others, because we have been shown mercy (5:7). We build our house on the Rock – Jesus – so that when the rain, floods and winds come it stays strong. It does not fall.


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