Posted by: Esther | April 24, 2010

Overview of the Gospel According to Matthew

Overview of

The Gospel According to Matthew

The author: Matthew (Levi) son of Alpheus (Mark 2:14) Jew and tax collector who left everything to follow Jesus and become His disciple (Matthew 9:9-13, Luke 5:27-28).

This book was written for a Jewish audience between AD 58-68, before the destruction of the temple but maybe after Mark wrote his gospel.

Main themes:

  • Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven
  • How we are to be

Arrangement of book: This book is arranged topically and each topic has a discourse or teaching, a demonstration of His power and deity, and a debate of His deity.

  • Chapters 1-10: The King is revealed: presentation, proclamation, and power.
  • Chapters 11-13: The King is resisted: opposition begins to surface.
  • Chapters 14-20: The King retreats: gives disciples personal instruction
  • Chapters 21-27: The King is rejected
  • Chapter 28: Proof of the King


  • Jesus/Son of God/Son of Man/Son of David/Christ/Messiah
  • God the Father
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • That which might be fulfilled; that which was spoken
  • Crowd
  • Disciples
  • Blessed
  • Persecuted
  • Righteousness
  • Law/Prophets
  • Scribes/Pharisees/Sadducees/Elders/Teachers of the Law
  • Truly I say to You
  • Faith
  • Heal
  • Repent
  • Forgiven
  • Servant
  • Compassion


  • The Character of Jesus
  • All That is Fulfilled
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Character of Scribes and Pharisees/Religious Leaders
  • Truly I Say to You

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