About my Blog

I used to write poetry and life entries all of the time, then I had children. Writing for me is a source of release and contemplation. I recently felt the Lord’s tug to begin to write again. Most of the Genesis blogs are an expansion of Jon Courson’s commentaries. I plan to blog through the Bible, assuming this is the Lord’s will.

My parenting blogs are based on my experiences in prayer with my three beautiful children. It may be worthwhile to note that I do have a BA in child development and a teaching credential… so you’d think I knew it all. Ha! Prayer and the word of God has been more helpful than all of my schooling and teaching experiences put together.

I will write as the Lord presses it on my heart, according to His will, for He will have to provide the time among homeschooling, parenting, home management, and being a wife.

Thanks for sharing in the Lord’s Word as Light.




  1. I had not taken the time to visit your blog before, E. Your sleep post became my springboard. Your thoughts are beautiful, and reveals the heart of a Christ One.

    Well Done! 😀

  2. I am greatly blessed by your service.God bless you in Jesus’name.AMEN

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